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DG Resource Management


Mineral exploration is complex, expensive and requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  DGRM specializes in the earliest stages of exploration by acquiring, compiling and reviewing historic geologic and geophysical data sets in order to generate a "project concept". Once a concept is positively evaluated it is usually acquired via claim staking or permitting; and an exploration partner is sought.  


A strong project base allows us to develop partnerships, launch funding initiatives, to conduct exploration - development, and to manage discoveries.


Our unique perspective on mineral exploration has resulted in numerous grass roots discoveries, and provides valuable insights into what makes a mineral exploration project worthy of grass-roots or ongoing exploration. With a unique focus in Western Canada, we specialize in a variety of commodities, which include: Base Metals, Coal, Gold, Industrial Metals and Minerals, PGE's, and Uranium.





B.Sc., Sp.C., P. Geol.

Jody Dahrouge is a professional geologist with more than 25 years in the mineral exploration and mining buisness.   He has a strong background in project generation and exploring early stage exploration.  He and/or the team at Dahrouge Geological are directly responsible, individually or as part of the team, for the 'conceptualizing - project generation' of numerous grass roots ideas, which ultimately resulted in significant mineral discoveries.  Some of these include:


  • Ashram Project, Quebec (REE's, Project Generation*)

  • Blue River, BC (Tantalum, Niobium, Project Generation, Discovery)

  • J-Zone, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan (Uranium, Project Generation)

  • PLS, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan (Uranium, Project Generation°)

  • Upper Fir Carbonatite (Tantalum-Niobium, Project Generation, Discovery)




B.Sc.,P. Geol.

Since graduation in 2004, Neil has conducted and managed exploration programs for a wide range of commodities which include industrial minerals (limestone, fluorspar, aggregate, graphite, coal); precious & base metals (Au, Ag, PGE, Cu, Pb, Zn); rare metals (Ta, Nb, Li, REEs); diamonds and uranium.  His areas of expertise/interest are the uranium deposits of the Athabasca Basin; REE +/- Tantalum/Niobium deposits (carbonatite) and lithium (pegmatites, clays and brines).

Neil specializes in historical exploration data compilations and conceptual geological modeling in order to generate new projects.  This work has launched many clients along successful paths of discovery. 

Neil understands the importance of translating technical exploration data into a format that is meaningful for non-technical individuals.  Specifically, in the marketing of an exploration opportunity to assist public companies in their capital raising, and eventually share their progress to shareholders and stakeholders.




B.Sc., G.I.T.

Since starting work as a student geologist in 2016, Simon has worked on various grassroots exploration programs in Canada and the United States. His experience initially focused on limestone but has since expanded to cobalt, frac sand, graphite, lithium and gold. Through these programs, Simon has gained experience in planning, exploration methods including rock/soil sampling and ground geophysical surveys over a wide range of commodities.

Simon also has experience assisting with writing technical reports, processing of field data and project generation (data compilation and map creation).

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