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Ross Lake

LCT Pegmatite

The Ross Lake Project is an early-stage project that consists of a single claim encompassing 394 ha (~974 acres) near Yellowknife, NWT. The Project is 10 km from the winter road which services the regions Diamond Mines, and less than 25 km from the end of all weather Highway 4.

The Ross Lake Lithium Project is located within the Yellowknife Lithium Pegmatite Field which hosts the Hidden Lake Project (Patriot Battery Metals et al.), and Lithium Yellowknife Project (Li-FT).

The Yellowknife Lithium Pegmatite Field, has undergone significant renewed interest in recent years and has seen significant gold and kimberlite exploration, with little recent attention to LCT pegmatites. 

The region was mapped extensively in 1955 GSC regional mapping that documented 100 pegmatite dykes within the project area. 


Two significant spodumene pegmatites have been documented in historical mapping. The main pegmatite (Dyke No. 75) contains abundant spodumene, up to 10 m thick, exposed over 150 m strike. A secondary ‘spur’ pegmatite is observed at this location but is poorly documented. 


Another pegmatite was mapped in 1947 containing lithium, beryllium and tantalum in the eastern part of the property but little information is known. A third spodumene pegmatite is mapped outside the property to the north.

For more information, download the presentation below or contact DG Resource Management by using the chat feature.

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