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Polymetallic Replacement Deposit

The Baird Property is a copper, zinc and silver project located in the Brooks Range of Alaska. 

The Project contains three zones of mineralization known as OMAR Copper, Frost Zinc-Copper and Deadfall Zinc Prospects. The OMAR Prospect contains an estimated 35 million tons at 4% copper (BML Estimate) within an approximately 4 km long trend. The Frost Prospect is an approximately 2+ km geochem trend that includes drilling of  2.56 m of 5.83% Zn and 0.18% Cu along with surface sampling of 2.4 m containing 13.2% Zn and 20.7% Ba. The Deadfall Prospect is a geochem trend up to 3 km long and 500 m wide. Within this zone is a 47 m long channel sample containing 6% Zn and 21.7 g/t silver  and drilling of 11.94 m averaging 3.27% Zn and 7 g/t silver. 

For more information, download the presentation below or contact DG Resource Management using the chat feature.

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